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HUC-JIR Factbook and Program Outcomes

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  • The educational and intellectual center of Reform Judaism:
    1 History
         1.1 Institutional Reports 
    2 Mission and Purpose
         2.1 Board of Governors' Survey
    3 Degree Programs
         3.1 MSCHE Accreditation Standards
         3.2 Self Study
         3.3 Index to Self Study Documents Inventory
         3.4 Proposed Student Learning Outcomes
         3.5 Self-Study Glossary 
    4 Faculty
         4.1 Historical Faculty Counts[1] 
         4.2 Publications
    5 Scholarly Resources         
         5.1 Klau Library Fact Sheet 
         5.2 American Jewish Archives
         5.3 Museums
         5.4 Institutes
         5.5 HUC-JIR Publications
         5.6 Online Resources
     6 Program Assessment Learning Outcomes & RATING FORMS
         6.0 Background
             6.0a AALHE Assessment Methodology Postings
             6.0b LON Presentations and Publications
             6.0c Using MODEL Rubrics
             6.0d Rating Form Instructions
             6.0e Learning Outcomes and eLumen Software
                  The eLumen presentation is a large file and may take a few minutes to load.
         6.1 Rabbinical Programs
             6.1a Cohen Committee Rabbinical Matrix
             6.1b All-Campuses Rabbinical Rubrics 
             6.1c All-Campuses Rabbinical Rating Form Print Version Only 
             6.1d All-Campuses Rabbinical Mission Statement 
             6.1e Results of Rabbinical Ratings 2012SP
             Assessment Forms
             6.1f All-Campuses Rabbinical RATING FORM
             6.1g NY Most Helpful: Comprehensive Rabbinical RATING FORM
             6.1h NY Most Familiar: 2009 Rabbinical Narrative Assessment
         6.2 Cantorial Program
             6.2a Cantorial Rubrics Descriptions
             Assessment Forms
             6.2b Most Helpful: DFSSM Comprehensive RATING FORM
             6.2c Quickest: DFSSM Learning Outcomes Network Assessment
             6.2d Most Familiar: 2009 Cantorial Narrative Assessment
         6.3 Education Programs
             6.3a Rhea Hirsch
             6.3a1 RHSOE Rubrics Descriptions
             6.3a2 Rhea Hirsch School of Education RATING FORM
             6.3b NYSOE
             Assessment Forms
             6.3b1 Most Helpful: NYSOE Comprehensive RATING FORM
             6.3b2 Quickest: NYSOE Learning Outcomes Network Assessment
             6.3b3 Most Familiar: 2009 NYSOE Narrative Assessment 
             6.3c DeLeT            
             6.3c1 DeLeT Rubrics Descriptions
             6.3c2 DeLeT RATING FORM
             6.3c3 DeLeT HUC-JIR Curriculum Inquiry Reflection and Self-Assessment
             6.3c4 DeLeT Summative Assessment
         6.4 Jewish Nonprofit Management Program
             6.4a JNM Rubrics Descriptions
             6.4b Jewish Nonprofit Management RATING FORM
         6.5 Graduate School
             6.5a Graduate School Rubrics Descriptions
             6.5b Graduate School RATING FORM
         6.6 Doctor of Ministry
             6.6a DMin Rubrics Descriptions
             6.6b DMin RATING FORM
     7 Governance and Administrative Assessment
         7.1 Draft HUC-JIR Governance Survey
         7.2 HUC-JIR Administrative Survey
         7.3 Placement Survey Plans
         7.4 Faculty / Staff Technology Survey
  • A Jewish religious community:
     8 Students
         8.1 Admissions
     9 Alumni
  • A Reform Jewish resource and learning center:
    10 Work with Jewish Institutions Worldwide
    11 Lectureships
    12 Visiting Scholars
    13 Youth Programs
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